Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Aran Stash ....

I have an enormous ball of aran in my stash, creamy tweed in colour.  Having it in the living room seems to mean that my two men (Mr F1 and Master F1) want to use it as a football .... need I say more!
So the time has come to use it up.
My lovely friend "M" was on the 'phone Sunday and said she had found a cowl pattern which she thought would be great for our local Hope Centre for the Homeless which we are both knitting for.  Nice warm hats, maybe some gloves and scarves we are hoping to donate at the end of the year.  Well never to turn down a new pattern those needles were clicking in a flash as I felt the aran would be ideal for this.
As you can see the ball of aran is quite large!

The stitch pattern forms a lovely soft snuggly waffle pattern
And in no time ....
I started off with 305g of this tweedy aran, the cowl took about 100g and I would say 3hours of knitting (don't worry lots of housework was ignored in the making of this cowl!).  The original pattern said knitted on 10mm needles in chunky but as this was aran I went down one size to 9mm.  Cast on 30 stitches, knit 4 rows, row 1 of pattern K1, p1 across , row 2 of pattern K1, p1 across, row 3 and 4 knit each row repeat this pattern of 4 rows until length of knitted piece is 100cm (or desired length), knit 3 rows, cast off
This is a real favourite of mine and is ideal for using up stash - might even be knitting some more for C*****mas.
So a big thank you to "M" - am now off to continue with this ball of aran and see if by the end of the week I can use it all up.
The only problem is once I have done one item in one colour I always want to go and find another ball and start something else - this is probably why I have such a lot of odds and ends piled up - does anyone else do this?
Happy knitting all xx


  1. I like the stitch....so easy, but looks special. I don't like odd remnants either. So I force myself to keep going until I finish a ball. I'm so keen to start another ball that it makes me knit quicker!

  2. Lovely cowl Jaqueline it will keep someone snug and warm :) Don't forget to link :)


  3. Love the waffle pattern and its great its going to a good cause

  4. Lovely. The cowl looks warm and cosy-just something about handknits.
    Enjoy your next project.