Sunday, 17 February 2013

Well here we are Sunday evening and my latest "Stash Buster Challenge 2013" weigh in is.......
ooooooooo not great again this week
but here are the items Ive managed
and although they only weigh a little Im hoping they will be of some use and be appreciated by someone x
This weeks "bundle" consists of 1x Adult Hat (bluemix), 1x childs hat (pink chunky), 1x blanket square and one pair of bed socks in light pink for a Care Home.
The bed socks were from a pattern posted on Loving Hands Charity Group website - not done these before - the pattern did state a pattern inbetween the top and bottom but someone had mentioned that they had stocking stitched this section hence this is what I tried sadly I dont think they are stretchy enough for people with swollen feet but they can be used by someone Im sure, next time, as Ive seen it suggested, im going to try K2, P2 rib as this will give a better stretch am also thinking of making a bit longer too.  On the plus side they knit up relatively quickly which is always good for my "butterfly" mind !
Sadly Im not going to be available for next weeks Sunday Weigh In - more on that to follow .......
For all my fellow "bustees" - Keep On Busting xxxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I realised going in to post my Sunday Weigh in that I had not posted last weeks so here is last weeks total = 210g 
I just cant believe its Sunday "again" - the weeks fly by.
Have had my usual Sunday weigh in and managed....
only 105g
Its going slowly ...
Only problem is I have a huge confession, originally when I weighed my stash I weighed just my Double Knit, I think it was about 8700g.  Its been nagging me that I had put the scales on carpet etc and it was not quite right. So at the beginning of the week I had all my stash out, Double Knit, Chunky, my "odds and ends" bags, scarf yarn etc and weighed it all and it came to.........................
15,090g eeeekkkkk (this includes the 505g that I had already busted at that point)
I was right to think that I had not weighed the DK correctly - whoops x
So as at today my totals stand at:-
15090 - 820g = 14,270g
And thats me being completely honest!
Here's what I have been able to complete last week..

This consists of 2x baby hats, 1x baby blanket, 1x adult hat and 1x top down cardigan (which Im loving at the moment and have been searching for more)

And this week
 This consists of 2x baby hats, 1x child hat and 1x Baby Angel Claire Cardigan
During my time on Loving Hands Charity Group and Knit your Share forum (Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert) I have met the most wonderful, caring group of ladies that anyone could want to meet. Always there to lend a listening ear, give advice, laugh with, cry with - but all virtual - I have only been lucky enough to meet one of the ladies and we meet regularly for a chat, a verrrrrry long chat and cups of tea, cake oh and of course a bit of knitting, this lady is lovely and Im so lucky that I have such a lovely dear friend.  Many ladies give their own patterns or post links to patterns they have been able to find and am hoping that once Ive asked their permission I will be able to share these with you.

Its because of their "sharing" that I have a growing pile of "to do's".  Im terrible at wanting to try out a new pattern when I see it - so in my to-do pile I have bedsocks, which will be donated to care homes in the country and some easy jumpers for children

Hopefully now my dear husband has made a full recovery from his operation I will be able to catch up "blogging" and plenty more woolly stuff! xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

OOOOOOOO MATRON...........................!

My poor husband is recovering from his operation which took place on Monday, polyp removal from his nose, sinus etc.  MrF1 is not a "patient patient" he is never normally ill and is finding it all a bit difficult.  Its very painful and not a pleasant experience, sadly they were unable to finish the operation due to the extent of his polyps so will have to return for the second half at a later date (not something he is looking forward to!).  He is tired and feeling very weak BUT is also very bossy and crabby hence on Monday I was Junior Nurse and by the end of the two weeks feel I will have been promoted to Matron.
Roll on his return to work ...................... men tut xx
By the way I look nothing like the above more like

due to my husband dishing orders out to do h****work.


Linda has totted up January's total for all the "Stash Bustees" - well done to all - there is some truly wonderful work and Linda has done a fantastic job of collating all totals and laying out a wonderful review - thank you Linda xx Take a minute to hop over and have a look

Well that's most of this week I think this week I've earned my Nurses Watch - ooo I always wanted one of those as a child when I played Nurses, that and a thermometer and am pleased to say that hubby is gradually on the mend

Tomorrow - Stash Busting Challenge - My Sunday Weigh-In ....