Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year x
Ive had a couple of comments that Ive been missing from Blogland and that you wanted to see me back - well New Year and all that thought now was the time to return and make a real effort to be more "Bloggy" in the coming year.
Firstly I wanted to share some of my lovely presents I received this year
from my lovely dear woolly friend ....
all of these truly wonderful goodies - I love lots of goodies, can you see two balls of adorable squishiness ?
Next, one of the gifts from my mum and dad was a bag she had started quilting 20 years ago (yes I did say 20 years!) and she decided to finish it for me and fill it full with .......
more squishiness.
I also received some lovely books, I love books, I know many of you are Kindle (there are other makes of e-readers available tee hee) fans but I just love a book, the feel and the smell and how they look all on the bookshelf.
Here are my Christmas books, including one from my lovely woolly friend which is a knitting orientated novel so I really look forward to that.
Im looking forward to each and every one of these.
looking back over 2013 which has been eventful I just think a lot of the times I value have been via the internet and my virtual friends, there has been support, advice, a shoulder and laughs, hints and tips, some wonderful patterns to try.  Your friendship means such a lot.  If you are new to blogging and have stumbled across me have a look at the Blogs I follow, they are truly inspirational and a joy to follow.
And lastly I thank my wonderful woolly friend for her friendship which I value and putting up with me for another whole year, we have had hilarious laughs and at times a good moan.  I look forward to yet another yarny year wonder what mischief we can get up to this year? 
So to all of you in Blogland and my friends I wish you a happy healthy crafty new year
ps: keep an eye out on http://lindacraftycorner.blogspot.co.uk/ there will be a new stashbusting challenge again in 2014 which was so much fun this year and a new Knit a Square a week challenge (which meant purchasing a lovely book for oh dear the hardship!) - oooo cant wait

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ive managed lots of little jobs today, nothing major, just things that needed doing that have been left - two boxes of knitted donations organised for sending, a call to BT (stressful!), a couple of loads of washing, order some food shopping and order Son's shirts ready for September (half-price on-line with BHS - bargain!)
Then as I sat down with a cuppa this afternoon I really felt that I ought to start de-cluttering my card-making drawers, had promised to sort some items for one of my lovely "virtual" friends who makes cards, as well as maybe a few bits and bobs on Ebay.  I will never use all the card-making items I have, all brought before I had my "lightbulb" moment last year and my "I want - dont need" way of life.  Now don't get me wrong, I have to admit to a few very small purchases over the past 18 months as well as having some items given as gifts but no-longer do I have a compulsion to spend, spend, spend as I did.
Anyway I realised before I started the mass clear-out that I needed to make my thank you cards for the lovely presents that I received for my birthday.  Thank you notes have become, due to the electronic age, I think a thing of the past.  Im guilty of it too.  Needing six thank you cards I set to work.
so here is what I ended up with........

The rubber stamp used was a gift for my birthday, Woodware Clear Magic Bubble Bloom "Clarissa".  Backing papers were from my Papermania Woodland Folk pad and the "bubbles" filled in with Card Candi and a little colouring using Promarkers.

I love my knitting but realised today spending a few hours listening to an Agatha Raisin Mrs Beaton audiobook and gently cutting, colouring and embellishing, that I had missed my card making and need to do a little more.
Watch this space .......

(I must point out though that I was so engrossed in this that I didn't realise the time, hubby came through the door with no sight of dinner even being started - whoops! - so this hobby does come with a bit of a warning - hours may slip by and jobs may not be done!)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Quite a few will know that I recently ventured "out of the front door", held my breath and arrived at hospital for my Hysterectomy.  Those same people said I should "blog" about the experience, is this too much information, will it make people squemish.....??? Im hoping that others with anxiety or agoraphobia may see it and know there is someone else just like them, maybe they need to go to hospital themselves or maybe they are putting off having much needed treatment.

To start with I must say that I owe a huge "THANK YOU" to Dr M (if you are reading this you know who you are!)  Over the past months he has been tackling confidence, those demons that lay somewhere hidden but kept haunting me and making me start to believe in myself again.  I truly believed that by the time he got me into hospital he would be handing his notice in to his boss with a big statement "never again".  I have been and still am very lucky to have Dr M as my mentor (is that the right word) in my road to recovery. 

I started writing this post and then got a "block" I wanted to say so much but now 8 weeks on from the operation Im actually pretty proud of myself, I don't want to say anything negative, its all positive.  What I should say is, if you are struggling with hospital admissions or operations, please please please just ask for some help I didn't realise that the hospital would be as accommodating as they were, that even down to having the operation using epidural rather than full knock out was possible, that telling them in advance of the difficulties I had meant they were prepared for me and much more.

The staff at the hospital were fantastic (the food not so ha ha), there were excited conversations from the corridor from nurses talking about the fact that I had not been out of the house for so long.  Anyway its done now, still getting the odd "twinge" now and then but on the whole just fine!

I had to be sedated to travel to and from hospital so still not liking the thought of actually "going out" but pleased that that area of medical problems is over and done with!

I should also say a huge thank you to my dear friend Mrs V, a lovely visit in hospital with a superb bag of goodies, a comment made from a nurse that will have us laughing for many years to come, lots of encouragement and support and visits at home for tea, a chat and a little clacking of those needles. 

My hubby and son were wonderful too, hubby kicked into action very nicely and what shocked me more was the reaction I had from him when I started on the "walk of doom" (the walk from the bay to the operating theatre) I have never seen him emotional in the 18 years we have been together.  Even dear son wielded the hoover and fetched and carried, lets just say though that didn't last too long ha ha!

And fantastic loving support from my on-line virtual friends too, giving me some invaluable web-sites for those questions that crop up (especially late at night!) and you need an answer to them and of course lots of virtual hugs.

All in all I realised that those around me do care and this has meant a lot.

SO now I have got over my BLOG BLOCK hopefully I should be back up and running with knitting tales and more very soon - Ive been reading some lovely blogs lately there is sooooo much to read and learn I spend more time "blog hopping" and not a lot of time doing anything else!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Im slightly ahead of myself this weekend and have managed to weigh in this weeks "stash-bust" and get on the computer .... no mean feat in this house with my two boys but the snow seems to have made us three bods have a do your own thing day! 
This week Im very pleased with myself have managed to "bust"
- am very impressed with this (but I suppose I better confess that I suppose that was due to some of it being made in Aran)

Blanket squares made from odds and ends
 Two adult hats and one childs hat
 One set of wristwarmers
 A first for me, a shoulder wrap made to be sent to a Care Home
And my favourite the cowl x
I dont know whether Ive been having one of those weeks but arms and hands have been hurting so will be pleased to get back to something a bit smaller this coming week - off to pick over the bag of odds and ends and see what I come up with .................
Happy Stash-Busting and stay warm and safe if you have the dreaded snow xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Aran Stash ....

I have an enormous ball of aran in my stash, creamy tweed in colour.  Having it in the living room seems to mean that my two men (Mr F1 and Master F1) want to use it as a football .... need I say more!
So the time has come to use it up.
My lovely friend "M" was on the 'phone Sunday and said she had found a cowl pattern which she thought would be great for our local Hope Centre for the Homeless which we are both knitting for.  Nice warm hats, maybe some gloves and scarves we are hoping to donate at the end of the year.  Well never to turn down a new pattern those needles were clicking in a flash as I felt the aran would be ideal for this.
As you can see the ball of aran is quite large!

The stitch pattern forms a lovely soft snuggly waffle pattern
And in no time ....
I started off with 305g of this tweedy aran, the cowl took about 100g and I would say 3hours of knitting (don't worry lots of housework was ignored in the making of this cowl!).  The original pattern said knitted on 10mm needles in chunky but as this was aran I went down one size to 9mm.  Cast on 30 stitches, knit 4 rows, row 1 of pattern K1, p1 across , row 2 of pattern K1, p1 across, row 3 and 4 knit each row repeat this pattern of 4 rows until length of knitted piece is 100cm (or desired length), knit 3 rows, cast off
This is a real favourite of mine and is ideal for using up stash - might even be knitting some more for C*****mas.
So a big thank you to "M" - am now off to continue with this ball of aran and see if by the end of the week I can use it all up.
The only problem is once I have done one item in one colour I always want to go and find another ball and start something else - this is probably why I have such a lot of odds and ends piled up - does anyone else do this?
Happy knitting all xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Having missed last weeks weigh in as we had visitors all weekend I dont really have that much to show for two weeks worth of knitting (I do however have quite a few Work in Progress items in my knitting bag - items I need to sew up urrgghhh!) does anyone else just hate sewing up?????
Anyway the following are the items I have managed this last two weeks


TOTAL STASH BUSTED 273g ........
I still say I must try harder - story of my life at school ha ha xx
The bedsocks I have tried to find out if I can publish the pattern for that or add a link but unable to find out who has the rights for it, so didnt want to do this and upset the apple cart (think at some stage it may have come from ladies magazine Peoples Friend), but these are just fantastic for the elderly in care homes or hospitals etc who sadly have such swollen feet - the stitches that you knit give such a wide stretchy end product - achieved by as you put right hand needle in to stitches on left hand needle, wind the yarn round twice finishing knitting stitch as normal then when you go back along row you drop the extra stitch you created (does this make sense!)
Well have a happy stash busting week xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Liebster Award and more nominations

My Liebster Award blog

I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by Una at Great Balls of Ball I was really touched by this, Ive only been running my blog less than two months now and am learning my way around.  Una has made some lovely comments about my blog, my knitting and me - just one of the many "virtual" lovely friends I seem to be meeting along my blogging journey, so a big THANK YOU Una xxx
Una asked me the following questions:-

Which of the four seasons do you like best?
Do you exercise?
Whoops no - but I have a lovely exercise bike gathering dust ......
What is your "guilty pleasure" food?
Not very sinful but I love prawn cocktail being a bit more frugal now and not having them anymore would have to be a McDonalds Egg McMuffin!
What was the last item you knitted or crocheted?
Bedsocks for people in care homes with swollen feet and ankles
When did you last buy wool or yarn?
About a month ago - brought some for a very special baby blanket
Did you enjoy your school days?
Hmmm tough one - yes and  no
If you could have only one, which would it be...dishwasher or microwave?
Do you follow any sports?
Formula One - this household works, sleeps and eats it
Do you have any pets?
No only it seems a multitude of thin spiders who make cobwebs as soon as my back is turned
Which is best....sea view or mountain view?
Definately sea view
If your house or apartment had a name, what would it be?
Dun-ironing !
I now have to nominate 4 bloggers who I follow who have less than 200 followers, I found this hard as I love all the blogs I follow, for many reasons, their dedication to charity knitting and their family and friends around them, their friendship, the outstanding crafty things they make, or simply their blogs are a work of art! There were two I really wanted to nominate Linda at Linda's Crafty Corner and Ana at lanas de Ana but you ladies just have too many followers!!!
Anyway I have nominated
Julie at Mack and Mabel
Linda at Chalky's World
Vixen at Shabbily Ever After
Una at Great Balls of Wool
Here are my questions to you lovely ladies:-
What was the last book you read?
Do you have any "hidden" talents that you would like to share?
What is your favourite smell?
If you wanted to escape would it be cottage by the sea or log cabin up a mountain?
What item do you seem to knit the most of?
Can you knit with double pins?
If you could spend a day with someone famous who would it be?
In cooking would you choose Mary Berry or Delia Smith?
Do you have a favourite sweetie?
Do you have anything stashed away that your husband/partner doesnt know about?
Do you write a shopping list or do you shop as you go along?
I hope you have time to do this and will nominate 4 further bloggers - thank you xx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

As part of my ongoing therapy for agoraphobia/anxiety I have had to put in place "Assertive Intervention" and the following is sort of using this theory.  Assertiveness is being able to stand up for your rights, beliefs in a manner that does not offend or deny the rights of others.  In this example, I am using opinions - we should all have an opinion or an understanding but its how you put those opinions across that can be hurtful and if you have little or no understanding of the person, their problems etc your opinion can often hurt.
Dear Whoever,
I have been saddened over the last week over the increase in animosity or lack of understanding involved with anxiety and/or agoraphobia.
I sadly was unable to attend a much needed operation, not a matter of life or death operation, but deemed by the Consultant as entirely necessary.  An operation that was going to improve my quality of life and hopefully amongst other more sensitive, delicate "too much information" matters stop the pain that I have been in for some time.
Unfortunately my chronic agoraphobia and anxiety got the better of me and the option of the operation actually taking place was removed.
Ive felt deflated, desperate, stupid and angry, not enough this but others have felt the need to question my need and why the operation couldn't take place.
Had I have had a cold, virus or the hospital would have cancelled I'm sure this would have been perfectly acceptable in most peoples eyes. BUT NO I had anxiety and agoraphobia and this gives people the right to say what they like and how they like.
I don't want sympathy or pity just some understanding.  There was a commercial recently surrounding Mental Health, asking us to "talk", however it seems that physical illness will always take priority of over mental illness.  I am in no way detracting from any ones physical illness, just don't judge because you cant see it.
Often I have had people say "well you don't want  to go out" wrong I cant - would you state to someone with the use of only one leg "you don't want to walk" NO of course you wouldn't.
I have counselling - people around me have often frowned upon this, don't want to talk about, don't accept it in the same light as other NHS treatment, have been hurtful about it BUT look at it another way- if I had certain health problems I would be given physio - this would enable my limbs to work better, for an injury to be healed, to ease pain - so lets say counselling is physio for the mind - does it sit better now?
Ive always tried to be compassionate of others difficulties, health and views etc sometimes I may not have agreed with their actions or needs but for the sake of their feelings Ive kept my opinions to myself. 
I am in awe of people who can get up, deal with their difficulties, are never scared, can do anything, their lives seemingly perfect - do you know how perfect you are? or do you think you are perfect? I admire your confidence- sadly not everyone has your confidence.
Don't say in an over dramatic sarcastic way "oh I thought i was getting like you" - getting like me!, this is hurtful, can damage months of confidence building in an instant.  I'm sure none of us would dream of saying to a physically impaired person "oh I thought I was getting like you" - I hope you don't get like me, I would not wish this on anyone but by the way - its not catching!!!
When you walk past houses in the street have you ever wondered is there an elderly person in there lonely, on their own.  Do they need something doing or someone to talk to? are they in pain?  Do they need shopping or a prescription?  I know I have in the past.  Change that to - there is a person in that house who cant leave because they have anxiety and agoraphobia - they are lonely, they need some shopping, they haven't seen anyone for days.  They wish they were able to do it, just get on with life.  That the pain they feel would go away - is there a difference between these two scenarios.
Ive seen people walk past, get in their cars, go shopping and Ive cried and cried wishing I could do that, wishing that physio would make my mind able again.
So to put this into the method - I understand you have views, you want to say your opinion, but do you know how hurtful what you are saying can be and that maybe no thought or understanding or compassion has been put into it.  So to end, from now on think before you give an opinion or a comment, would you want it said to you, in that way.  Because some of the comments and opinions Ive received over the last week especially have been hurtful.
Mrs Behind the Door xx
PS Iam getting better, one day Im going to be better than I am, my confidence is growing (maybe in the wrong direction ha ha) - I wouldnt have done the above a while back - Im trying to stand up for myself and this was one way I thought I could say what I felt x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday again... I seem to always say that - it flys around so very quickly
Not much to add this week
just 127g
I wanted to call her Floppy and decided that if I made anymore they would all have a name beginning with "J" - so this first one is Jaqueline Floppy - will there be anymore? I don't know.........
I cast on 50 stitches DK 4mm needles - think I stocking stitched about 32 rows then changed to Eyelash/Ostrich yarn and knitted 7 rows for hair.  Sew up sides with seam ending up at the back.  Straight stitch a mouth - sew up bottom seam lightly stuff and sew up top seam. 
I made four I-cords , 2 for arms and 2 for legs - the arm ones being slightly shorter than the legs and tied a knot in the end to denote hands and feet - attach these.
Eyes could be stick on googly eyes as I have done, stitched or sewn on buttons - I'm thinking if the item is to be given to a small child stick on eyes or buttons may not be suitable due to choking risk so use safety eyes or embroider.
I got this idea from http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L10016B.html?noImages= and changed it slightly - obviously these are much better than my effort!
Also managed two baby hats, one childs hat and a preemie cardigan
The preemie cardigan and two hats have now finished up an oddment I had in my odds and ends bags so this was good x
Until next week - keep on stash busting - happy knitting xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Well here we are Sunday evening and my latest "Stash Buster Challenge 2013" weigh in is.......
ooooooooo not great again this week
but here are the items Ive managed
and although they only weigh a little Im hoping they will be of some use and be appreciated by someone x
This weeks "bundle" consists of 1x Adult Hat (bluemix), 1x childs hat (pink chunky), 1x blanket square and one pair of bed socks in light pink for a Care Home.
The bed socks were from a pattern posted on Loving Hands Charity Group website - not done these before - the pattern did state a pattern inbetween the top and bottom but someone had mentioned that they had stocking stitched this section hence this is what I tried sadly I dont think they are stretchy enough for people with swollen feet but they can be used by someone Im sure, next time, as Ive seen it suggested, im going to try K2, P2 rib as this will give a better stretch am also thinking of making a bit longer too.  On the plus side they knit up relatively quickly which is always good for my "butterfly" mind !
Sadly Im not going to be available for next weeks Sunday Weigh In - more on that to follow .......
For all my fellow "bustees" - Keep On Busting xxxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I realised going in to post my Sunday Weigh in that I had not posted last weeks so here is last weeks total = 210g 
I just cant believe its Sunday "again" - the weeks fly by.
Have had my usual Sunday weigh in and managed....
only 105g
Its going slowly ...
Only problem is I have a huge confession, originally when I weighed my stash I weighed just my Double Knit, I think it was about 8700g.  Its been nagging me that I had put the scales on carpet etc and it was not quite right. So at the beginning of the week I had all my stash out, Double Knit, Chunky, my "odds and ends" bags, scarf yarn etc and weighed it all and it came to.........................
15,090g eeeekkkkk (this includes the 505g that I had already busted at that point)
I was right to think that I had not weighed the DK correctly - whoops x
So as at today my totals stand at:-
15090 - 820g = 14,270g
And thats me being completely honest!
Here's what I have been able to complete last week..

This consists of 2x baby hats, 1x baby blanket, 1x adult hat and 1x top down cardigan (which Im loving at the moment and have been searching for more)

And this week
 This consists of 2x baby hats, 1x child hat and 1x Baby Angel Claire Cardigan
During my time on Loving Hands Charity Group and Knit your Share forum (Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert) I have met the most wonderful, caring group of ladies that anyone could want to meet. Always there to lend a listening ear, give advice, laugh with, cry with - but all virtual - I have only been lucky enough to meet one of the ladies and we meet regularly for a chat, a verrrrrry long chat and cups of tea, cake oh and of course a bit of knitting, this lady is lovely and Im so lucky that I have such a lovely dear friend.  Many ladies give their own patterns or post links to patterns they have been able to find and am hoping that once Ive asked their permission I will be able to share these with you.

Its because of their "sharing" that I have a growing pile of "to do's".  Im terrible at wanting to try out a new pattern when I see it - so in my to-do pile I have bedsocks, which will be donated to care homes in the country and some easy jumpers for children

Hopefully now my dear husband has made a full recovery from his operation I will be able to catch up "blogging" and plenty more woolly stuff! xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

OOOOOOOO MATRON...........................!

My poor husband is recovering from his operation which took place on Monday, polyp removal from his nose, sinus etc.  MrF1 is not a "patient patient" he is never normally ill and is finding it all a bit difficult.  Its very painful and not a pleasant experience, sadly they were unable to finish the operation due to the extent of his polyps so will have to return for the second half at a later date (not something he is looking forward to!).  He is tired and feeling very weak BUT is also very bossy and crabby hence on Monday I was Junior Nurse and by the end of the two weeks feel I will have been promoted to Matron.
Roll on his return to work ...................... men tut xx
By the way I look nothing like the above more like

due to my husband dishing orders out to do h****work.


Linda has totted up January's total for all the "Stash Bustees" - well done to all - there is some truly wonderful work and Linda has done a fantastic job of collating all totals and laying out a wonderful review - thank you Linda xx Take a minute to hop over and have a look

Well that's most of this week I think this week I've earned my Nurses Watch - ooo I always wanted one of those as a child when I played Nurses, that and a thermometer and am pleased to say that hubby is gradually on the mend

Tomorrow - Stash Busting Challenge - My Sunday Weigh-In ....

Thursday, 24 January 2013

WHOOPS! .....
When I did my last post, showing the Childs Summer Vest this morning, I meant to put a link to the lovely pattern - Ravelry, free download, Linda has requested it and it reminded me that I did not put it on so here it is :-
Whilst positively stomping around Ravelry like a woman possessed I came across this lovely summer top, ideal because:-
  • it fits in with our latest challenges for summer items on Loving Hands
  • its bigger than I would normally tackle
  • its used more stash!!
So what do you think .....
I love this yarn soooooooooooo much - self patterning, brought from Aldi, I have it in a couple of their colours so think maybe more of these little tops will be coming off the needles soon.
The tiny flower like pattern that appears is just amazing to me - I hope a little girl somewhere in the world will love this x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Knitting, Snow, Approved Food and Extreme Couponing...
Ramblings of lady age 41....
Knitting forever, housework whenever .......
Sums up how I feel today
but I have to say I'm quite addicted to
Why didn't someone tell me before .......
Perhaps that should read
"Blogging forever, housework whenever"
Anyway was able to leave Blogland alone long enough to do the front of a knitted summer top.  Part of the quarterly challenges on Loving Hands Charity Knitting Group is for summer items, so off I tripped to Ravelry and found a lovely easy pattern (has to be for me as I'm such a "la la") in fact I found quite a few patterns to go in my "To Do" pile.
We have had one day reprieve from the snow and this evening it has started again - will tomorrow be another snow day away from school for my son????????
On the "Debt Busting" front, I have accomplished my first order with Approved Food - I felt like I was undertaking a trolley dash as the items are kept for 9 minutes in your "Basket", whilst you are browsing the timer ticks down - each time you click on a new item the timer resets itself back to 9 minutes - I felt the voice of Dale Winton in my ear "when you hear the beep its supermarket sweep....." tee hee - will let you know how I get on with the order when it arrives, hubby and son are very excited about our crate arriving.  I spent £41 and made a saving of £57 - does anyone else use them? Would love to hear what others think?
I love watching "Extreme Couponing" on Home and Health and wish we had the same in UK - oh how I dream of having a "stash" of products in my garage like they do - all those toiletries, washing powder, tinned and packet goods, the list is endless - for those who have not seen this or don't know about "Couponing" basically in newspapers, fliers, weekly supermarket leaflets they give coupons entitling you to so much off but then the fun begins because you may be able to double this discount with another coupon or use an in store discount like 2 for 1 etc - customers will buy like a 100 bottles of water at a time or 10 bottles of fabric conditioner etc spending hundreds of dollars and only paying a few dollars for their shopping.  Customers will go to extraordinary lengths to collect their coupons, obtaining hundreds of copies of flyers and sitting cutting them out! then planning their shop and taking bundles of coupons to store, often blocking the till up.
Thats me rambling for today ...... hopefully give you something more interesting tomorrow xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Woolly Weigh-In
Stash Busting Challenge 2013
Its Sunday, boy thats come round quick, so time for this weeks weigh in.  I have managed
260g this week!!!
I was really pleased with this but it was used up quick by doing simple - yet bigger things. 2 x baby blankets, 1x baby hat, 1 x square (to be used in a blanket) and of course my Baktus scarf which I cannot stop telling people about.
Im wanting to change over the balls of yarn in my "to do bag " which I will do later today as the last day or so Ive been staring in wondering what to do ...... not much inspiration has been flowing sadly.
If anyone is interested, or is a member, the new quarterly challenges have been put up on Loving Hands Charity knitting Group, http://lovinghands.freeforums.org/spring-challenges-20-1-13-to-20-4-13-t10241.html - Loving Hands always welcomes new members so it would be lovely if you could pop over and join in.
On the needles at the moment is an "Operation Christmas Child" hat (it may or may not go into the christmas box pile but I like this pattern, knits up quick) - I had an odd ball of Katia Marathon Plus which I thought would be appropriate and I love knitting with it, so this is growing nicely. 
So thats the woolly side of things, now for .....
Debt Busting
For the past year hubby and I have been trying to put into order our finances and cut back etc and I have what I affectionately call "my pots" - these are virtual but its where money saved or made is popped to either pay for unexpected items, forseeable items birthdays, christmas or eventually to reduce our debts etc.  Also really budgeting etc.
I had what Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert call "my lighbulb moment" this time last year and knew we had to change and tackle things that had been so easily put to one side.
Anyway last night having a meander round Blog land I came across http://frugalincornwall.blogspot.co.uk/ and I am in complete awe of this lady and her family - so would highly recommend a look over on her blog - Im reading a few pages each day (if I can) and already have some great ideas - so hopefully I can share how Im getting on with you soon.
So in 2013 I am "BUSTING" so much - wool, debt, clutter and trying so hard to beat the anxiety and agoraphobia - I know it wont be easy and I know I will probably lapse at times (as Im want to do) but hopefully as the last year has shown there will be improvement and however small its still an improvement. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stash Busting Challenge
Charity Baby Blankets
Its very cold today and where better to be than in the warm with your needles and a cup of tea!
Have finished off my second baby blanket using the "odds" from my stash.
One pink ......

One blue ........

These blankets are really simple, (and quick!) knitted corner to corner, and the finished size requirements are 15" square and above (I believe to 21")

So if you would like to have a go

DK yarn, 4 - 4.5 mm needles

Cast on 2 stitches
First row - knit 1, knit front and back of second stitch (so as to increase)
Second row - knit 1, knit front and back of next stitch, knit rest of row
Keep doing the above, increasing into the second stitch until you have the required length and then start decreasing
Knit 1, knit 2 together, knit remainder of row
Until you have 2 stitches remainder - bind off.

Another few grams busted ....!

Monday, 14 January 2013

I am loving the "Baktus Scarf", have finished my first today .......

I feel I could get hooked on these and plan to do a couple as gifts - only half way through this one I was planning two more - thanks to lanas de ana for showing this pattern.

Hoping you can see the patterning and colours from this next pic ..

This ball was a lovely gift from a wonderful friend - so am hoping she will be pleased with my choice - and other 100g knitted from my stash xx

To this..........................
We did have more later but not as much as some poor souls.
Hope everyone is staying safe - back to the wool, needles and a nice cup of tea and a ginger nut for me I think! x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stash Busting Challenge 2013 (Woolly Weigh-In)

Its Sunday and time for my "Woolly Weigh In".  As part of the "Stash Busting Challenge 2013" I'm weighing at the end of each week - memory permitting!

I can reveal that this weeks total is ........................ 145g

This consists of :-
  • one child's hat (two tone pink),
  • four preemie hats and
  • one chicken coat (yes you read that correctly a chicken coat) - these will be sent to Loving Hands for charity donations
  • and the adult hat I plan to give a whole pile, hopefully, to the Hope Centre (for the homeless) at the end of the year. 
Baktus Scarf Update - I am now on the decrease so on the homeward stretch more to be done this evening.

I looked in my knitting bag and found a few WIP's - items that need sewing up - grrr I hate sewing up so these will be added to next weeks total.

Looking forward to seeing how others have done and a good looksie at some lovely pics x

Stash Busting Total To Date = 145g 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Stash Busting

Having already "confessed" to needing "WWW - woolly weight watchers" I was delighted that one of my fellow comrades from Loving Hands was starting the "Stash-Buster Challenge 2013".  I was even more happy that after visiting lindacraftycorner.blogspot I saw from a fellow blogger http://lanasdeana.blogspot.co.uk/ the lovely Baktus scarf and knew this is what I wanted to actually knit myself.  Normally all my makes are for charity, but in my bag of "to do wool" (I should explain my stash is generally tucked away upstairs so every now and again I go and fill a bag up with balls and knit bits and pieces from this) was a ball that I had been kindly given by a lovely friend at the end of last year.

Here is my current "to do" bag part of my stash and you can just see peeking out the red ball that I am knitting the Baktus scarf from.

Have also currently got on the needles a vest from the KAS website - this is a first try at this particular pattern.

I should probably own up to how much my stash weighs - approximately 8500g this is just my Double knit yarn though and does not include my stash of chunky !!!!!!

I started my stash busting at the end of last week so will "weigh in" on Sunday and report back ........................WATCH THIS SPACE

The beginning ..........

Hi, my thoughts at the end of 2012 were to start a blog, with the intentions of charting my daily life - so here it is.  The title for my blog came from my suffering with Agoraphobia for sometime now also suffering with other ailments that can drag me down, and my wanting to get better and go out into the world again but also to show people that there is someone behind a door that's perfectly normal in lots of ways and wants be sociable etc.

I hope that my blog is going to be about my achievements both personal and my crafting - which I love, so hope you will join me.

I loooooooooooooooooooove knitting, with the majority of the work I do being for charity which I donate via Loving Hands (and once I get the hang of this technology will put a "label" up for them!) to whom I'm a member.  They are a lovely group spanning far and wide and always ready to help and support one another and I'm very grateful to belong.  But my first "group" I belonged to and still do were the lovely ladies on "Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert" website - forum name "Knit Your Share" and have been with them since I started knitting about 5 years ago now.  They truly are a wonderful collection of "virtual" friends, so supportive both with crafting and personal things alike.  Im also supported with my knitting and any "la la" moments I have by a couple of wonderful friends and of course my lovely Mum who are encouraging and helpful and who have been able to increase my "stash" from time to time lol.

As well as knitting I love card making (although have not been doing as much in past months) and want to get back into this - more to come ................

I'm on a constant battle with de-cluttering with the aim of selling things to boost my "pots" (again a topic which I'm sure will crop up, being debt free and having a healthy bank balance!), trying to be as good a cook as the rest of my family - learning to bake etc and not end up with Frisbees instead of glorious Victoria Sandwiches etc.

I love books as well as audio books, like to listen while I knit.

I cant get away with not liking Formula 1 as this house works, eats, sleeps and lives it - my wonderful husband works for a Formula 1 team and you cant help it getting into your system and the second "man" in my life, my son, loves football so that's often the topic whether it be on the T.V or Mum washing the kit and the football boots (oh and don't forget the crys of "where are my shin pads!" or the distant sound of one of his many footballs in the garden or going up the road with his foot attached to it!)

So that's me ............ well almost xx