Friday, 10 January 2014

Its week 2 of the Knit a block a Week Challenge.
My block for this week was number 8 - Little Blocks.
This block will definitely be a firm favourite with me.
It was an easy block to knit and knitted up quickly.
Importantly too it keeps it's shape and had a lovely texture.
One downside to it was it did come up a little over the 6" but maybe you need to allow for different yarn - even though Double Knit different brands can come up thicker or thinner and then there is your own personal tension to allow for.
As I mentioned before I'm knitting my blocks into strips to be made into a blanket to be sent to SIBOL (hopefully!).
I've been able to complete my first strip by adding two garter squares in between my first block no 17 and this weeks no 8. (Garter squares are not included in the Knitted block book so Ive kind of cheated a little here!)
Last week after square no 17 I felt despondent and thought "oh no what have I let myself in for""  I'm not a confident knitter and this is coming out of my woolly comfort zone but this week after being able to knit the other 4 squares I'm feeling more uplifted - I'm sure my feelings for this will dip again over the coming weeks.
I'm looking forward to starting strip 2 over the weekend
Happy "Blocking" xx


  1. You are doing great Jaqueline so please don't get despondent, there are loads of blocks in this book and you will always find one you can do. I have tried several and ripped them back because they didn't turn out right, I will go back to them later maybe. I am doing the same as you a block separated by a garter stitch block but I'm doing a corner to corner one no 45 out of the book. Have fun with your next one and remember there's no hurry. :)

  2. OOh Jaqueline - thats a stunning square! Great pattern and looks so soft! Great idea to connect the blocks into strips!
    Also great to challenge yourself - keep up the great needle clicking!
    Ali x

  3. Congrats on completing your first strip. I wonder how many other people are knitting them in strips like us. It is so much easier doing it this way. I can't wait to see your finished blanket. I think you will be finished before me.

  4. great progress and love your colour combinations..... well done 1 down - how many more to go?

  5. Wow! It's beautiful. Hug it every time you feel despondent and those lovely colours will lift your spirits.
    Really looking forward to following your progress.
    Love linda

  6. Looking good Jaqueline, great colour choice's, and your work is lovely and neat, looking forward to the next one.
    Love Anne x