Sunday, 17 February 2013

Well here we are Sunday evening and my latest "Stash Buster Challenge 2013" weigh in is.......
ooooooooo not great again this week
but here are the items Ive managed
and although they only weigh a little Im hoping they will be of some use and be appreciated by someone x
This weeks "bundle" consists of 1x Adult Hat (bluemix), 1x childs hat (pink chunky), 1x blanket square and one pair of bed socks in light pink for a Care Home.
The bed socks were from a pattern posted on Loving Hands Charity Group website - not done these before - the pattern did state a pattern inbetween the top and bottom but someone had mentioned that they had stocking stitched this section hence this is what I tried sadly I dont think they are stretchy enough for people with swollen feet but they can be used by someone Im sure, next time, as Ive seen it suggested, im going to try K2, P2 rib as this will give a better stretch am also thinking of making a bit longer too.  On the plus side they knit up relatively quickly which is always good for my "butterfly" mind !
Sadly Im not going to be available for next weeks Sunday Weigh In - more on that to follow .......
For all my fellow "bustees" - Keep On Busting xxxx

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  1. Maybe they all weight a little but there are many pieces...I think you did a great job!