Saturday, 2 February 2013

OOOOOOOO MATRON...........................!

My poor husband is recovering from his operation which took place on Monday, polyp removal from his nose, sinus etc.  MrF1 is not a "patient patient" he is never normally ill and is finding it all a bit difficult.  Its very painful and not a pleasant experience, sadly they were unable to finish the operation due to the extent of his polyps so will have to return for the second half at a later date (not something he is looking forward to!).  He is tired and feeling very weak BUT is also very bossy and crabby hence on Monday I was Junior Nurse and by the end of the two weeks feel I will have been promoted to Matron.
Roll on his return to work ...................... men tut xx
By the way I look nothing like the above more like

due to my husband dishing orders out to do h****work.


Linda has totted up January's total for all the "Stash Bustees" - well done to all - there is some truly wonderful work and Linda has done a fantastic job of collating all totals and laying out a wonderful review - thank you Linda xx Take a minute to hop over and have a look

Well that's most of this week I think this week I've earned my Nurses Watch - ooo I always wanted one of those as a child when I played Nurses, that and a thermometer and am pleased to say that hubby is gradually on the mend

Tomorrow - Stash Busting Challenge - My Sunday Weigh-In ....


  1. Just be careful with that thermometer - do you remember the Carry On film where they substituted one with a daffodil?

  2. Ha ha poor you and poor hubby it can't be very pleasant, I bet he is feeling very sore and to think he has to go through it all over again and you of course. Hope he recovers soon :)

  3. Boy do they try your patience when they are ill - as I well know ! My Hubby is at present trying to have a nap on the couch after a bad night and the cat is driving him crazy - then the cat comes to me to complain loudly at the treatment he has recieved. i can't bloomin win lol

    Loving your blog hunny xxx