Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Knitting, Snow, Approved Food and Extreme Couponing...
Ramblings of lady age 41....
Knitting forever, housework whenever .......
Sums up how I feel today
but I have to say I'm quite addicted to
Why didn't someone tell me before .......
Perhaps that should read
"Blogging forever, housework whenever"
Anyway was able to leave Blogland alone long enough to do the front of a knitted summer top.  Part of the quarterly challenges on Loving Hands Charity Knitting Group is for summer items, so off I tripped to Ravelry and found a lovely easy pattern (has to be for me as I'm such a "la la") in fact I found quite a few patterns to go in my "To Do" pile.
We have had one day reprieve from the snow and this evening it has started again - will tomorrow be another snow day away from school for my son????????
On the "Debt Busting" front, I have accomplished my first order with Approved Food - I felt like I was undertaking a trolley dash as the items are kept for 9 minutes in your "Basket", whilst you are browsing the timer ticks down - each time you click on a new item the timer resets itself back to 9 minutes - I felt the voice of Dale Winton in my ear "when you hear the beep its supermarket sweep....." tee hee - will let you know how I get on with the order when it arrives, hubby and son are very excited about our crate arriving.  I spent £41 and made a saving of £57 - does anyone else use them? Would love to hear what others think?
I love watching "Extreme Couponing" on Home and Health and wish we had the same in UK - oh how I dream of having a "stash" of products in my garage like they do - all those toiletries, washing powder, tinned and packet goods, the list is endless - for those who have not seen this or don't know about "Couponing" basically in newspapers, fliers, weekly supermarket leaflets they give coupons entitling you to so much off but then the fun begins because you may be able to double this discount with another coupon or use an in store discount like 2 for 1 etc - customers will buy like a 100 bottles of water at a time or 10 bottles of fabric conditioner etc spending hundreds of dollars and only paying a few dollars for their shopping.  Customers will go to extraordinary lengths to collect their coupons, obtaining hundreds of copies of flyers and sitting cutting them out! then planning their shop and taking bundles of coupons to store, often blocking the till up.
Thats me rambling for today ...... hopefully give you something more interesting tomorrow xx


  1. I hadn't heard of Approved Food so I just visited their website. I would use them if I could book a delivery time. But it looks like I'd have to wait in for a couple of days. Good bargains though.

  2. Never heard of them either - am going to look properly tomorrow!