Friday, 11 January 2013

Stash Busting

Having already "confessed" to needing "WWW - woolly weight watchers" I was delighted that one of my fellow comrades from Loving Hands was starting the "Stash-Buster Challenge 2013".  I was even more happy that after visiting lindacraftycorner.blogspot I saw from a fellow blogger the lovely Baktus scarf and knew this is what I wanted to actually knit myself.  Normally all my makes are for charity, but in my bag of "to do wool" (I should explain my stash is generally tucked away upstairs so every now and again I go and fill a bag up with balls and knit bits and pieces from this) was a ball that I had been kindly given by a lovely friend at the end of last year.

Here is my current "to do" bag part of my stash and you can just see peeking out the red ball that I am knitting the Baktus scarf from.

Have also currently got on the needles a vest from the KAS website - this is a first try at this particular pattern.

I should probably own up to how much my stash weighs - approximately 8500g this is just my Double knit yarn though and does not include my stash of chunky !!!!!!

I started my stash busting at the end of last week so will "weigh in" on Sunday and report back ........................WATCH THIS SPACE


  1. Welcome to the challenge! I am so glad you liked the Baktus scarf...and even more, that you are making one!!! Your red yarn looks so beautiful and elegant. Will you add more colors, or just red? The original pattern is garter st, or will you make it stockinette? So many questions...I will wait to see your progress... See you soon
    Ana BC

  2. Welcome to blog land, Jaqueline! I'm sure you'll enjoy the stashbusting challenge!

  3. ana and puppet lady - thanks for your kind comments - in answer to your questions Ana (and no I dont mind questions at all I love it!) Im leaving it red as the yarn does have shading and flecks in it and mine will be all garter... its coming along but may put it down while i finish the little sweater x

    1. If you were only using the red, I was ging to suggest to do it in garter st--and that is precisely what you are doing...excellent!!!

  4. Welcome to the "Land of Bloggers" Jacqueline. I look forward tyo following you :)

  5. OOh the red wool looks lovely Jaqueline and so does the Baktus scarf pattern.
    Looking forward to seeing everything you create as you streamline your stash!
    Hope you enjoy blogging too!