Friday, 11 January 2013

The beginning ..........

Hi, my thoughts at the end of 2012 were to start a blog, with the intentions of charting my daily life - so here it is.  The title for my blog came from my suffering with Agoraphobia for sometime now also suffering with other ailments that can drag me down, and my wanting to get better and go out into the world again but also to show people that there is someone behind a door that's perfectly normal in lots of ways and wants be sociable etc.

I hope that my blog is going to be about my achievements both personal and my crafting - which I love, so hope you will join me.

I loooooooooooooooooooove knitting, with the majority of the work I do being for charity which I donate via Loving Hands (and once I get the hang of this technology will put a "label" up for them!) to whom I'm a member.  They are a lovely group spanning far and wide and always ready to help and support one another and I'm very grateful to belong.  But my first "group" I belonged to and still do were the lovely ladies on "Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert" website - forum name "Knit Your Share" and have been with them since I started knitting about 5 years ago now.  They truly are a wonderful collection of "virtual" friends, so supportive both with crafting and personal things alike.  Im also supported with my knitting and any "la la" moments I have by a couple of wonderful friends and of course my lovely Mum who are encouraging and helpful and who have been able to increase my "stash" from time to time lol.

As well as knitting I love card making (although have not been doing as much in past months) and want to get back into this - more to come ................

I'm on a constant battle with de-cluttering with the aim of selling things to boost my "pots" (again a topic which I'm sure will crop up, being debt free and having a healthy bank balance!), trying to be as good a cook as the rest of my family - learning to bake etc and not end up with Frisbees instead of glorious Victoria Sandwiches etc.

I love books as well as audio books, like to listen while I knit.

I cant get away with not liking Formula 1 as this house works, eats, sleeps and lives it - my wonderful husband works for a Formula 1 team and you cant help it getting into your system and the second "man" in my life, my son, loves football so that's often the topic whether it be on the T.V or Mum washing the kit and the football boots (oh and don't forget the crys of "where are my shin pads!" or the distant sound of one of his many footballs in the garden or going up the road with his foot attached to it!)

So that's me ............ well almost xx


  1. Hi!!! Well done you. I love the title! What a good start to your blog. I hope it brings you much joy and I shall look forward to sharing Snippets with you along life's journey. Love linda

  2. Welcome to blogland Jaqueline, I knew you could do it! I'm off to add your name to my list.

  3. Yay ! a new blogger in the family. Look forward to hear all about you and yours x Ginny/vix

  4. Fantastic - you have now taken the plunge, looking forward to seeing what you get up to over the coming months :-)

  5. Thank you for warm welcome ladies x