Thursday, 24 January 2013

Whilst positively stomping around Ravelry like a woman possessed I came across this lovely summer top, ideal because:-
  • it fits in with our latest challenges for summer items on Loving Hands
  • its bigger than I would normally tackle
  • its used more stash!!
So what do you think .....
I love this yarn soooooooooooo much - self patterning, brought from Aldi, I have it in a couple of their colours so think maybe more of these little tops will be coming off the needles soon.
The tiny flower like pattern that appears is just amazing to me - I hope a little girl somewhere in the world will love this x


  1. It's beautiful Jaqueline, was it a free pattern and have you got the link please :)

  2. That really is beautiful .. You are the neatest knitter. I think those tops will be so loved. Keep up with the stash busting!

  3. Thanks once again for your kind comments - encouragement is wonderful and really greatly appreciated xx - Linda have put link on a seperate post - thanks for reminding me about putting it on - I meant to! xx

  4. Absolutely adorable! You are right...that yarn is very special. It is so much fun to see the little flowers appear :-) should make more of these!

  5. Lovely. Well done Jaqueline. And you are right - a little girl somewhere is going to feel really special wearing it.