Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stash Busting Challenge 2013 (Woolly Weigh-In)

Its Sunday and time for my "Woolly Weigh In".  As part of the "Stash Busting Challenge 2013" I'm weighing at the end of each week - memory permitting!

I can reveal that this weeks total is ........................ 145g

This consists of :-
  • one child's hat (two tone pink),
  • four preemie hats and
  • one chicken coat (yes you read that correctly a chicken coat) - these will be sent to Loving Hands for charity donations
  • and the adult hat I plan to give a whole pile, hopefully, to the Hope Centre (for the homeless) at the end of the year. 
Baktus Scarf Update - I am now on the decrease so on the homeward stretch more to be done this evening.

I looked in my knitting bag and found a few WIP's - items that need sewing up - grrr I hate sewing up so these will be added to next weeks total.

Looking forward to seeing how others have done and a good looksie at some lovely pics x

Stash Busting Total To Date = 145g 


  1. Well done a brilliant start! can't wait to see your scarf :)

  2. What a brilliant idea. As your pile gets bigger the more chuffed you will be.

  3. Good progress - that's quite a pile for a week's work!

  4. Cool collection! Speedy progress! Well done!

  5. You made great progress for week 1. Great start! I am showing some simple hat ideas tomorrow, but I see you have it already mastered. And I can´t wait to see your will see that the decrease section will feel like a breeze...