Sunday, 20 January 2013

Woolly Weigh-In
Stash Busting Challenge 2013
Its Sunday, boy thats come round quick, so time for this weeks weigh in.  I have managed
260g this week!!!
I was really pleased with this but it was used up quick by doing simple - yet bigger things. 2 x baby blankets, 1x baby hat, 1 x square (to be used in a blanket) and of course my Baktus scarf which I cannot stop telling people about.
Im wanting to change over the balls of yarn in my "to do bag " which I will do later today as the last day or so Ive been staring in wondering what to do ...... not much inspiration has been flowing sadly.
If anyone is interested, or is a member, the new quarterly challenges have been put up on Loving Hands Charity knitting Group, - Loving Hands always welcomes new members so it would be lovely if you could pop over and join in.
On the needles at the moment is an "Operation Christmas Child" hat (it may or may not go into the christmas box pile but I like this pattern, knits up quick) - I had an odd ball of Katia Marathon Plus which I thought would be appropriate and I love knitting with it, so this is growing nicely. 
So thats the woolly side of things, now for .....
Debt Busting
For the past year hubby and I have been trying to put into order our finances and cut back etc and I have what I affectionately call "my pots" - these are virtual but its where money saved or made is popped to either pay for unexpected items, forseeable items birthdays, christmas or eventually to reduce our debts etc.  Also really budgeting etc.
I had what Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert call "my lighbulb moment" this time last year and knew we had to change and tackle things that had been so easily put to one side.
Anyway last night having a meander round Blog land I came across and I am in complete awe of this lady and her family - so would highly recommend a look over on her blog - Im reading a few pages each day (if I can) and already have some great ideas - so hopefully I can share how Im getting on with you soon.
So in 2013 I am "BUSTING" so much - wool, debt, clutter and trying so hard to beat the anxiety and agoraphobia - I know it wont be easy and I know I will probably lapse at times (as Im want to do) but hopefully as the last year has shown there will be improvement and however small its still an improvement. 


  1. You are doing great on all counts Jaqueline and well done on the 260g that's a fair amount for 1 week. What do you fancy doing next, I have 4 blankets on the go, I need some thing small to make in between so I can see a result if you know what I mean blankets seem to take ages. :)

  2. Excellent progress!
    we can all use some organizing in all areas of our lives. January is a good month to start...

  3. Loving the blog, and you are doing really well hunny. I have nearly finished one blanket this last week or so and started a big granny square for SIBOL, I also have 2 blankets ordered by friends so they need starting this week. You are taking big strides but some
    days there are bound to be baby steps - I can see you walking ahead a long way this year xx

  4. Wow-thats some impressive woolly weight loss! Good to hear about the other challenges you are tackling in a positive way too.
    Ali x

  5. testing to see if you have turned WV off jaqueline

  6. Yes brilliant you have done it :)